Comprehensive Care For All Life Stages


What Makes Us Different?

Many department store or shopping mall contact lens dispensers view contact lenses as a consumer commodity, like shoes or blenders.  Their philosophy is simple--spend as little time as possible with the consumer.  Selling the contacts quickly while investing minimal time in follow-up or training is common.

Our philosophy is different.  We think eyes deserve more attention than shoes or blenders.    We spend as much time as necessary to ensure the safest, clearest and most comfortable lenses are prescribed--this is critical to your success in wearing contact lenses.

First time contact lens wearers spend approximately an hour being fitted to determine the initial lens of choice.  Even then, we don't order a lens until we see how well it performs on the eye, so your follow-up appointment is necessary. 

Patient education regarding the care and handling of lenses is key to maintaining good eye health and maximizing the life span of the lenses.  We spend the time necessary to make sure you are comfortable handling your lenses, wearing them and cleaning them before you leave the office.

Interested in trying contact lenses?  Make an appointment with Dr. Kevin Nelson, our contact lens specialist.