bulletAnti-Reflective - With uncoated lenses, most patients see dull ghost images from reflections off the inside surfaces of the lens.  These are more visible at night, especially when driving, but A/R coating virtually eliminates this reflection.  By allowing all available light to pass through the lens, A/R coating reduces eyestrain produced by glare and reflection from headlights and computer monitors, increases contrast and improves clarity.  This enables others to see your eyes more clearly also.  In short, this coating allows you to see better and to be seen better.  An excellent choice for public speakers, those working with computers, or anyone experiencing difficulty driving at night.
bulletScratch Resistance - A clear lens option that when added to standard plastic lenses will dramatically reduce the chance of scratches to the lens.
bulletUV Coating - Blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC bands of ultraviolet light waves. Effective in reducing the risk of cataract development.
bulletTinted Lenses - Plastic lenses may be tinted any color.  Some tints enhance contrast sensitivity, allowing the eye to see greater definition between colors.  Other tints reduce the strain on eyes caused by glare.