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The goal of Bay Eye Optical is to meet and exceed your expectations in both service and products. Because we use only the finest materials and take extra steps to make sure you will be completely satisfied with your eyewear, we stand behind the quality of our eyeglasses.

We're not satisfied until you are satisfied! When you purchase a pair of eyeglasses from Bay Eye Optical, you automatically receive a full year warranty*. If your frames or lenses break or do not perform as expected under normal wearing conditions, we are happy to repair or replace them at no additional cost.    *Budget frames have a 90 day warranty.

Our department employs highly trained, certified opticians to help you make informed decisions about your eyewear needs. Spend some time with them learning about your options and the importance of selecting lenses and frames compatible with your lifestyle. We are here to help you!




The lenses are the most important part of your new eyewear.  Explore your options in a constantly changing area of technology.

Three factors play an important role in your eyeglass prescriptions: lens materials, lens design, and lens coatings. You need to understand the role of each of these before you can make an educated decision about your needs.

LENS MATERIALS - Your choices in lens materials--benefits and limitations of each.

bulletPlastic - Stronger than glass and half the weight.  Maximum comfort and durability.  Can be tinted to almost any color and density.
bulletHigh Index - Say good-by to your thick "coke bottle" lenses!  These are lightweight and about 20% thinner than regular plastic.  Includes UV protection and scratch resistance.
bulletPolycarbonate - Most impact resistant material.  Lens of choice for children and athletes because they are shatterproof and lightweight.  Includes UV protection and scratch resistance.
bulletPhotochromic - Lenses that change from nearly clear indoors to darker brown, gray, or green when outdoors.  Available in plastic and glass, these are a good choice if you are in and out of doors many times during the day.
bulletGlass - Traditional material with superior optics.  Very scratch resistant, but can be very heavy in some prescriptions.

LENS DESIGN - The ultimate goal is to allow everyone to have clear vision for distance, intermediate zones, and for reading. How do you get there?

bulletSingle Vision - Lenses with only a distance or near prescription, but not both.  Popular choice for occupational glasses (computer glasses, reading glasses).
bulletBifocal Lenses - Lenses with a prescription at the top for distance and a line with a prescription for reading on the bottom.
bulletTrifocal Lenses - Lens segments ground separately to give clear vision close up, far away, and in between.  Useful for occupational tasks because they offer wide near and intermediate zones.  Ideal for plumbers, painters, carpenters, electricians, etc.
bulletProgressive Lenses - Also known as "no-lines".  The distance portion is at the lens top, just as in a bifocal, but instead of a line telling the wearer where the near portion is, there is a gradual change in focus from arm-length all the way to reading distance.  Progressive lens wearers just move their eyes to the proper part of the lens to look at different distances.

LENS COATINGS - Problems with glare? Problems with scratched lenses? Worried about UV protection? Current technology offers solutions to many of these concerns.

bulletAnti-Reflective - With uncoated lenses, most patients see dull ghost images from reflections off the inside surfaces of the lens.  These are more visible at night, especially when driving, but A/R coating virtually eliminates this reflection.  By allowing all available light to pass through the lens, A/R coating reduces eyestrain produced by glare and reflection from headlights and computer monitors, increases contrast and improves clarity.  This enables others to see your eyes more clearly also.  In short, this coating allows you to see better and to be seen better.  An excellent choice for public speakers, those working with computers, or anyone experiencing difficulty driving at night.
bulletScratch Resistance - A clear lens option that when added to standard plastic lenses will dramatically reduce the chance of scratches to the lens.
bulletUV Coating - Blocks UVA, UVB, and UVC bands of ultraviolet light waves. Effective in reducing the risk of cataract development.
bulletTinted Lenses - Plastic lenses may be tinted any color.  Some tints enhance contrast sensitivity, allowing the eye to see greater definition between colors.  Other tints reduce the strain on eyes caused by glare.


Select from a wide variety of in stock frames.  Budget to designer--you're sure to find one that's "just right!"

Bay Eye has the latest styles of frames from some of today's more popular designers. We are certain that you can find a frame that not only fits your sense of style, but your budget also. In addition to the style of frame, you also need to consider what type of frame is best for your lifestyle.

Some things to know about frame options:

METAL - Durable and stylish. Less expensive metal frames are made of a mix of metals that includes nickel. These can corrode from contact with skin oils and sweat.

TITANIUM MATERIAL - Lightweight for comfort, durable and hypoallergenic. Excellent choice for progressive lenses.

SPRING HINGES -  Durable. Excellent for children and those tough on eyewear. Helps keep frames in alignment and reduces need for frequent adjustments.

FLEXON - Metal with memory. It will return to its shape even after bending and twisting.

PLASTIC - Lightweight. Great variety of colors, comparatively inexpensive. They do become brittle over time.