Comprehensive Care For All Life Stages


Excellent vision is not a deserve it!

Bay Eye is proud of the number of services provided to our patients, as well as the manner in which they are provided.  Our practice knows that good eyesight expands your world to unlimited possibilities, just as challenges to your vision can impose serious lifestyle limitations.  Therefore, our office strives to provide comprehensive eye care for all life stages, from birth to senior status.  


Dr. Martin Arkin of Bay Eye Associates has extensive experience with these procedures. If you are interested in more information please ask any of our staff




   No Stitch Cataract Surgery  

    (option for premium implants to limit need for glasses)  

   Corneal Transplants / Endothelial Keratoplasty

   Custom Laser Vision Correction - LASIK/PRK

   Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery

   Remove Astigmatism

   Placement / Repositioning of Cataract Implants

   Glaucoma Surgery

   Reconstruction of the Front of the Eye

   Removal of Occular & Eyelid Tumors

   Pterygium Removal

   Strabismis Surgery to Align the Eyes

   Eyelid Surgery to Correct for Drooping

   Eyelid Surgery to Remove Excess Skin or Fat

   Temporal Artery Biopsy


   Cataract Evaluation & Treatment

   Glaucoma Evaluation & Treatment

   Diabetic Eye Disease Treatment

   Macular Degeneration Treatment

   Corneal Disease Evaluation & Treatment

   Pediatric Eye Care

   Contact Lenses & Eye Exams

   Fashion Eyewear

   Sports & Safety Glasses